• Attorney, Buenos Aires University Law School (1944). President of the Argentine Center of Law Students.

Professional Experience

• Partner at Estudio Moltedo Law Firm (1944-1992).
• Founding Partner at Roca & Sarrabayrouse (1992).
• President, Chairman and Trustee of a number of corporations.
• External advisor of companies and numerous law firms.
• Third arbitrator in several courts of arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), as well as in others, created according to different arbitration and contractual clauses.
• Inspector of Limited Liability Companies of the General Inspection of Justice (1945-1948).
• Undersecretary of Justice (1962-1963).
• Chairman of the Argentine Central Bank (1970-1971).
• President in the Chamber of Limited Liability Companies (1971-1973).
• President of the Argentine Association of Nuclear Law (1978-1980).
• Argentine Ambassador before the Organization of American States (OAS) (1966-1968).
• Argentine Ambassador in the United States (1968-1969).
• Argentine Ambassador in the United Nations (1982).
• Member of the Magistrate Trial Jury in representing the Public Bar Association of the Federal District (2003-2007).

Academic Activities

• Vice-president of the Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires (200-2004).
• Member of the Executive Council and of the Superior Council of the Buenos Aires University Law School (1960-1964).
• Professor of Commercial Law in the Argentine Catholic University (1960-1984).
• Lecturer in conferences and postgraduate degree courses in Buenos Aires University Law School, Austral University and the Argentine Catholic University.
• Currently, Member of the Administration Council of the Argentine Business University (UADE), of the Corporate Law Commission of the National Academy of Law, of the Commercial Law Commission of the Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires and of the National Academy of Enterprise Sciences.
• Co-founder of the Argentine Council for the International Relations (CARI).
• Member of the Advisory Commission and Chairman of the North American Comity.
• Author of several books and publications on history, law and international relations.

Memberships and Languages

• President of the Rotary Club of Buenos Aires (1997-1998).
• President of the Advisory Commission of the Salvation Army, Argentina (1997-1999).
• Lifetime Member of the Jockey Club of Buenos Aires, the Arms Circle, and the Argentine Tennis Club.
• He speaks fluent Spanish and English.