As most of the clients are national and foreign corporations, the Criminal Law area of Roca & Sarrabayrouse has focused its practice on counsel and representation of companies and its directors on the matter of crimes and felonies carried throughout the corporative structure. Among other matters, Roca & Sarrabayrouse advices and represents its clients on issues regarding:

• Contraband and other customs felonies and misdemeanors
• Tax and Social Security related offenses
• Foreign Currency Exchange offenses
• Criminal offenses related to banking, securities, financial    services and capital markets
• Corporative crimes, bankruptcy and fraudulent insolvency    cases
• Money Laundering cases and administrative offenses related    to the report of suspicious transactions
• Complex frauds and other property crimes
• Environmental felonies and offenses related with    hydrocarbons, natural and energy resources, and the Law of    Hazardous Wastes
• Antitrust and competition law related offenses
• Crimes involving administrative contracts and public works
• Defamation and libel, unlawful secret disclosure, breach of    confidentiality and insider trading
• Information technology felonies and other crimes related to    the telecommunications market
• Intellectual Property and Patent/Trademark Criminal Law    (copyright and trademark frauds)
• Transnational felonies and extradition procedures

Preventive Counsel: In line with the firm’s policy on simplifying and quickly resolving conflicts, Roca & Sarrabayrouse gives preventive counsel to its clients dealing with queries on complex legal issues, writing memos and professional opinions, identifying frauds and breaches committed by employees and directors and periodically monitoring the filing of criminal reports and law suits that involve the client. This type of assessment and early detection is of great use on the search of simple, anticipated and efficient solutions to the client’s needs.