Criminal Law

• Personal offenses (felonies regarding life and physical integrity and personal abandonment)
• Offenses related to honor grievances (defamation and libel and felonies committed through mass media and the telecommunications market)
• Unlawful secret disclosure, breach of confidentiality and insider trading
• Information technology felonies
• Felonies related to public security, public health and the Law of Hazardous Wastes
• Felonies related to public order
• Crimes involving public administration, administrative contracts and public works
• Crimes against public faith (forgery of public and private documents)
• Intellectual Property and Patent/Trademark Criminal Law (copyright and trademark frauds)
• Transnational felonies and extradition procedures
• Regime of misdemeanors and minor offenses of the City of Buenos Aires.

White Collar Crime

• Felonies related to the economic and financial order (illegal speculation and cartelization, forgery and falsification of corporate documents, unauthorized financial intermediation)
• Contraband and other customs felonies
• Tax and Social Security related offenses
• Foreign Currency Exchange offenses
• Criminal and administrative offenses related to banking (Law of Financial Institutions), securities, financial services and capital markets
• Corporative crimes, bankruptcy and fraudulent insolvency cases
• Money Laundering cases and offenses related to the administrative regime in charge of the Financial Information Unit (UIF)
• Complex frauds and other property crimes
• Environmental felonies and offenses related with hydrocarbons, natural and energy resources, and the Law of Hazardous Wastes
• Supply, antitrust and competition law related offenses

Anti Money Laundering and Compliance

• Anti money laundering and corporate Compliance consulting
• Corporate criminal law risk and alert monitoring assesment
• Assistance in the design, execution and evaluation of integrity programs and Compliance policies
• Planification, execution and colaboration in internal investigations
• Asistance in FCPA and UK Bribery Act investigations
• Consulting in decision making related to Compliance
• Training in Compliance matters to company charimen, officers and employees

Criminal Law Consulting

• Consulting and assesment in Criminal Law and Economic Criminal Law matter
• Lectures and training workshops in in Criminal Law and Economic Criminal Law matter
• Preparation of reports, memos and legal opinions in high complexity Criminal Law matter
• Consulting in negotiations and non-judicial complex conflict resolution with criminal connotation

Preventive counsel

• Collaboration in fraud detection
• Consulting in compliance of judicial orders
• Assistance in recolection and clasification of evidence
• Detection and periodical monitoring of criminal complaints