Since its foundation in 1992, Roca & Sarrabayrouse aims at providing high-quality legal assistance, characterized by the personal attention dedicated to our clients; the constant training and legal update of its members and the respect towards confidentiality and security of information.

With a strong focus on corporate matters, the Firm has exclusive dedication in the different areas of Criminal Law.

Without letting aside a thorough legal analysis, the Firm prioritizes the offer of an agile and creative solution to criminal conflicts that present in the dynamics of corporate field.

The members of the Firm invest time and dedication in optimizing their efficiency in the solution of the matters entrusted by our clients. We aim to acquaint the particular needs of the organization; understand its business and mind the needs involved to procure in that way an added value to the legal processes of the company.

The members of Roca & Sarrabayrouse have developed our professional careers in both public and private practice. In addition, we have a vast academic trajectory, as we form part of the graduate and post graduate Faculty of different Law Schools, focusing on the study and teaching of Criminal Law and White Collar Crime.


Roca & Sarrabayrouse has a varied client portfolio. The vast majority of our clients are national and foreign corporations which, upon our confidentiality policy, we are unable to disclose. During the last thirty years, we have assisted and represented:

• Banks and financial institutions
• Securities trading consultants, agents and companies
• Insurance companies
• Trust funds, corporate holdings and investment funds
• Corporations dedicated to the import and export of raw materials, elaborated products and services
• Customs agents
• Federal warehouses, port terminals and customs transport agents
• Shipping companies and overseas transportation corporations
• Agricultural, livestock, grain and cereal companies
• Supermarkets and wholesalers
• Food production establishments and distributors, liquor companies and tobacco trade corporations
• Firms dedicated to property and real estate projects
• Private medical clinics and health care centers
• Telecommunication companies
• Laboratories and chemical companies
• Mining companies
• Oil & gas corporations
• General industrial enterprises
• Textile industries
• Environmental services enterprises, construction and metallurgical, iron and steel establishments
• Publishers, newspapers and mass media companies
• Embassies and consulates
• Non-governmental organizations

Memberships and Institutional Activity

The members of Roca & Sarrabayrouse are registered in the Federal District Public Bar Association and the San Isidro Bar Association. Furthermore, we are actively committed with a diverse set of organizations, professional associations and private and public universities. Among others, we take or have taken part of:
• Argentine Institute for the Business Development (IDEA)
• Argentine Institute of Customs Studies (IAEA)
• Argentine Association of Tax Studies (AAEF)
• Federal District Public Bar Association (CPACF)
• San Isidro Bar Association
• City of Buenos Aires Bar Association
• Justice Administration Studies Forum (FORES)
• Argentine Tax Criminal Law Studies Center
• Mediation and Arbitration Corporative Center (CEMA)

Academic Activity

The team of Roca & Sarrabayrouse are Faculty members of the Austral University. We have also lectured and given conferences and seminars, among other institutions, in:
• University of Buenos Aires (UBA)
• Argentine Catholic University (UCA)
• Salvador University
• Torcuato Di Tella University (UTDT)
• Argentine Business University (UADE)
• National University of La Plata (UNLP)
• Argentine Institute of Customs Studies (IAEA)
• Argentine Association of Tax Studies (AAEF)
• Magistrates and National Justice Officers Association
• Argentine Customs Agents Center
• City of Buenos Aires Bar Association
• Federal District Public Bar Association (CPACF)
• Buenos Aires Professional Economic Sciences Council (CPCECABA)
• School of Law of Buenos Aires


Roca & Sarrabayrouse has been acknowledged in a number of rankings published in different mass media. In diverse editions, Apertura Magazine (Revista Apertura) placed the Firm on the top Buenos Aires law firms, according to its peers. Furthermore, it has also placed Roca & Sarrabayrouse and Miguel Ángel Sarrabayrouse Bargalló in the main positions among the top Argentine firms and lawyers specialized in Economic Criminal Law.